1 Lauren Ho 9150

2 Xiangjun Du 3430

3 Holly Prescott 1950
Won Institute Of Graduate Studies

4 Amy Green 1750
Won Institute

5 Siobhan Carmody 300

Jeopardy Big Game Contest 2016

Game 1 of 7
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Jeopardy Contest Rules
Contest is free and is opened only to Daily Question subscribers
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Before the contest, all current scores will be set to zero on Feb 5 at 11:30 pm EST
Contest begins on Feb 8 at midgnight EST and ends at 11:59 pm EST on Feb 14
Each day will feature a different Jeopardy game
Highest score: 1st prize; second highest: 2nd prize; third highest: 3rd prize, etc.
All winners will be permanently listed on our website
Top three winners from previous years are not eligible to participate for prizes
Only real first and last names are eligible with registration
The name and photo of the 1st prize winner will be published on our home page
All decisions of the judges are final

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